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Hazard Risk & Vulnerability

Hazards that have the potential to impact Talbot County are listed below. These hazards have been ranked by hazard mitigation planning committee members, as follows: High, Medium-High, Medium, Medium-LowNatural hazards ranked highly include: Coastal Hazards, Flood, Extreme Heat, and Emerging Infectious Disease.

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For the complete Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA) process, click below.

Flood Risk & Vulnerability Resources

Climate Ready Action Boundary (CRAB)


Maryland Coast Smart regulations (effective September 1, 2020) now require State projects for construction or state funding over $500,000  to apply the corresponding horizontal limits of the higher 100-year +3 feet inundation as indicated by the Coast Smart - Climate Ready Action Boundary (CS-CRAB).


The Coast Smart Climate Ready Action Boundary (CRAB) data is now available for viewing here.


The associated Coast Smart Construction Program document can be found here.


MyCoast: Maryland


A project of the Chesapeake & Coastal Service & Maryland Department of Natural Resources, MyCoast: Maryland is a portal to collect and analyze pictures and data relating to flooding caused by precipitation or coastal events. Information collected through this site is used to visualize the impacts of flood events; to enhance awareness among decision-makers and residents of Maryland and to encourage action to reduce flood risks.​

Visit the Apple or Android app store and download the MyCoast app for your phone; the app is free and the web platform can be viewed here.

How to Submit a Report:

1.) Visit

2.) Select "Register" and create an account. 

3.) After logging in, you will be directed to your state's MyCoast website.

4.) In the upper right menu, select "Submit a Report" from the "Storm Reporter" tab.
5.) Follow the directions on screen to submit a storm report. You will be asked to submit photos, report impacts (e.g., time, date, damages), and set a location.

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FloodSmart: The Cost of Flooding

Flooding can be an emotionally and financially devastating event. With flood insurance, you're able to recover faster and more fully. Click here to see how much flood damage – even from just a few inches of water – could cost you.

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Natural Hazards in the United States

Hazards from FEMA Mitigation Action Port

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) created the Mitigation Action Portfolio to showcase projects that help mitigate the impacts of natural hazards, such as coastal flooding. The excerpt above  visualizes and describes the most common natural hazards to impact the United States from 1980 to 2018. To learn more about natural hazards and mitigation projects, click the link below.

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